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About Badi Lake

Badi Lake is one of the finest freshwater lakes in India. It is one of the major tourist attractions. An atmosphere of calmness and tranquillity surrounds the whole place. One gets mesmerized to see the picturesque scenery there. Birds chirping around, fishes swimming profoundly in the lake, flowers blossoming and thereby spreading a rich fragrance around are the cynosure of all eyes. One can sit near the shore for hours and adulate the beauty and the priceless flora. Everything looks so fresh as if they were eager to welcome the tourists. In a nutshell, it is a must-go place for those who like to be in the laps of nature.

History/Story of Badi Lake

Built by Maharana Raj Singh to counteract the draconian effects of famine, Badi Lake expands itself through 180m (length) and 18m (breadth). It covers a net surface area of 155 square kilometres. The lake not only produces a beautiful vista all around the place but also acts as saviour during hard times for the people around Udaipur. The lake quenches their thirst when drought hits the place. Maharana Raj Singh named the lake as Jiyan Sagar Lake after his mother Jana Devi. The lake is popularly known as  “Badi ka Talab” now.

Structure of Badi Lake

This lake is roughly oval-shaped and is surrounded by high hills on three sides. It receives water from the seasonal river Berach, has a water spread area of 1.46 Sq. Km. and the catchment area of 1906.55 hectares. The length and the width of the lake are 2.285 Km and 0.642 km respectively, while its average depth is 10.6 meters and the maximum depth is 23 meters which is at the dam site. It has a storage capacity of 400 million cubic feet of water. The embankment of the lake is adorned by three artistically built chhatris.

Pro Tip when you visit Badi Lake

Various water activities are introduced at Badi lake, so u can visit d lake for fun and mesmerizing beauty.

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