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उबेश्वर महादेव, Temple Rd, Kundal Ubeshwarji, Rajasthan 313702

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Ubeshwar Mahadev Temple (Hindi: उबेश्वर महादेव) is a popular temple of the Lord Shiva in the Udaipur city in the state of Rajasthan, India. This temple is located on a green hill in the Ubeshwar, area of Udaipur. It is a popular temple of the Lord Shiva. Within the premises there is a holy pond (Gangu Kund) for ritual bathing.

There are several picnic spots in and near Udaipur, Ubeshwar Ji being one of the most loved spots of all. As this spot turns paradise as the rain starts to pour and seasonal water starts flowing in Ubeshwar Ji. As Udaipur is surrounded by a range of Aravali Mountains, the scenic quotient of the natural places hypes, Thus Ubeshwar Ji can be well defined as a picnic location with the admirable natural views combined with spiritual peace fulfilled by Ubeshwar Ji Temple. Ubeshwar is one out of such many beautiful places outside Udaipur perfect for a family outing or picnic. This remote area is surrounded by widely spread green valleys of Aravali Mountains and seasonal rivers flowing alongside. It is the best destination to view the panoramic landscapes from more than 80m height above sea level.

Information About Ubeshwar Ji Udaipur

  • One surely has to travel for approximately 45 minutes from the main to each of these astounding locations, but the vain of traveling is all worth it as this spot is a must-see.
  • Ubeshwar Ji – the picnic spot consists of a temple of Lord Shiva also known as Mahadev, one gets to know that they have reached the right location by hearing the sound of bells from the temple and the sight of people enjoying near the pond.
  • One can visit the temple first before beginning the picnic fun, we request you not to litter and create too much noise in the temple premises as it is a place of worshipping.
  • You can sit in the temple premises as well, but only if you’re a peace lover and can refrain from talking loudly and eating the picnic food on the premises.
  • The perfect location for commencing the ideal picnic is near the pond, the land available near the pond contains stones and sand; therefore, don’t forget to carry your floor mats or portable chairs along with you.
  • The pond is subtle with small fishes in it; you can just sit near it, feed the fishes and adore the beauty or take in a swim in the pond.
  • The pond isn’t too deep, but we suggest you not to go too far into the pond if you don’t know how to swim.
  • Carry ample eatables with you to the location as being a spot away from the city there is only a small kiosk available nearby. The kiosk serves tea and pakodas, these lighten up the mood as well if you try sipping tea and eating pakodas sitting near the lake.
  • Udaipurian suggests you head back to the city before it turns too dark as the area is not equipped with sufficient street lights and there is no proper accommodation facility available near Ubeshwar Ji.
  • As the road towards Ubeshwar Ji isn’t quite pleasing, we suggest you drive safely on the road keeping all the safety measures including helmets and seat-belts.
  • Keep the tank full of your vehicle before heading towards the location as there is no Petrol pump available nearby.
  • Wear comfortable footwear to the location as being a natural place it consists of sand and stones, the area near the pond remains slippery because of the water splashed often, so take care of not getting slipped into the pond.
  • We also recommend you to only feed the fish present in the pond with fish food and not pollute the pond with other eatables.
  • You can also spot some seasonal waterfalls from the water streams flowing near the location.
  • If you wish to visit another mesmerizing location nearby, you can head straight towards the Dodavali Village, after a small 3km drive the road will diverge into 2; take the left road straight up the enchanting location – Peepliya Ji.
  • Also if you’re an adventurous one and decide to take a right towards the Dodavali Village, we’d like to inform you that the road doesn’t contain any exclusive picnic spot.

Ubeshwar Ji Mahadev Temple Udaipur

Ubeshwar Mahadev Temple is a popular temple of Lord Shiva in the Udaipur city in the state of Rajasthan, India. This temple is located on a green hill in the Ubeshwar, area of Udaipur. It is a popular temple of Lord Shiva. Within the premises, there is a holy pond (Gangu Kund) for ritual bathing. If you have never seen a paradise within a paradise than you should see the countryside of Udaipur. There are plenty of places not as far as 20 km outside Udaipur which can make you go crazy about the exquisiteness and blessings nature has showered on it. Udaipur shines more with ecstasy and pleasant ambiance in Monsoon season. Now, I just cannot illustrate the view of Ubeshwar because I am unable to find appropriate words to describe its beauty. A rain-washed, lush green valley’s covered with clouds make it looks like a fairytale land. The singing of birds gets well synchronized with the sound of sparkling rivers. The whole environment creates a magically magnetic attraction that you cannot easily come out.

Ubeshwar Ji Nature Trail Hiking – A Guided Experience

Udaipur will never fail to surprise you as it holds a lot to be explored. By enrolling in this activity you will be enjoying the adventurous hiking which will start from the famous Ubeshwar Ji temple. You will be hiking with a trained and professional guide along with all the safety equipment. You will enjoy it as this trek is very spectacular and it will provide you with a chance to see the beautiful ranges of Aravali Mountains which is the oldest in India. On this hike, you will come across many villages where you can interact with the local people and get to know about their culture and the lifestyle of the people, you will visit the houses of the people to understand their lifestyle in a better way.

How to Reach Ubeshwar Ji Udaipur?

Head towards Malla-Talai Circle and take a sharp light to the Rampura Chauraha, now from the Rampura Chauraha take another right towards the Ubeshwar Ji road, drive for around 20-25 minutes on the curvy path, you’ll know you’ve arrived the destination when you spot the Ubeshwar Ji Temple. Take a close right from Mallatalai Circle and go straight till you reach Rampura Circle and turn to the right, you will notice a milestone pointing towards Ubeshwar, now just go along with the snake curved roads you will pass through few villages. Keep on enjoying the valley which will take you up to the hills and you will see a temple of Ubeshwar after approximately 20-25 mins drive.

Places to See at Ubeshwar Ji Udaipur

Besides landscapes, rivers, waterfalls, villages and famous temples of Ubeshwar located on the bank a small pond. You can go towards Dodavali village from Ubeshwar which is 6km far.

Picnic Spots at Ubeshwar Ji Udaipur

Except for Ubeshwar temple, there is no specific place you can make your stay but there are plenty of indistinct places you can choose to enjoy your day with family and friends.

Things to be Taken Care of at Ubeshwar Ji Udaipur

  • It is better to carry food or snacks with you because you will not come across any good restaurants or shops offering eatables other than tea stalls.
  • Road to Ubeshwar has many sharp curves and slopes so check the brakes of your vehicle before leaving home if you have alto phobia(fear of height) then think twice before planning this trip.
  • The nearest petrol pump is 20 km far, therefore, keep your tank full and air pressure of tires correct.

Nearby Places at Ubeshwar Ji Udaipur

From Ubeshwar you can go ahead to the road going towards a village called Dodawali which is 6 km far from Ubeshwar Temple. 3 km before Dodavali road divides into two directions on the right side is Dodavali in plains and on left to Pipliya, 4 Kms in the valleys from the turn. That is one of the most beautiful locations to view the green valley dividing two roads, one going up towards mountains to Pipliya and others going down towards Dodawali.