Karni Mata

Karni Mata

Jawahar Nagar

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Karni Mata (8 October 1387 – 23 March 1538) was a female Hindu warrior sage born in the Charan caste. She is an official deity of the royal families of Jodhpur and Bikaner. Maharana Karan Singh laid the foundation of the temple between the years 1620 to 1628 to protect the newly made residential area of Machala Mangra.

The temple being at a height gives mesmerizing view of the Udaipur city. Here you can indulge yourself in the serenity of the place the peace and atmosphere here will make you forget all your worries..


Karni Mata was born in 1387 AD in village Suwap near Phalodi in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. She was born as the seventh daughter in Charan family and was worshiped as a reincarnation of goddess Durga.


It is believed that she restored the life of her dead son who reincarnated as a rat and since then all her relatives take birth as rats after death and stay together as family.

The white rats at the temple are considered to be holy and it is believed that feeding them brings good luck and fortune.

Pro Tip

you can take a rope way to reach here this place has an excellent view of Dudh Talai, city palace and lake pichola.