Janmashtami 2020- The Advent of Lord Krishna

Janmashtami 2020- The Advent of Lord Krishna

On the occasion of Shravan (Hindu Calender), the eight-day of Rakshabandan, Lord Krishna was born. The birth of Lord Krishna was destined to shred the crudeness by King Kansa. King Kansa the ruler of Vrishni, capital of Mathura was crystal glazed about his extremity by the 8th son of his sister Devki and Vasudeva. To safeguard his life above humanity, he imprisoned the newly wedded pair and killed all the 7 sons in a row.

The 8th son of Devki was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The chains of Vasudeva unleashed with the memorandum of God to swap his son with the daughter of his dearest friend Nanda and Yashoda. Vasudeva carted Krishna on his head across Yamuna River. It was a stormy night with thunderstorms and a windy river. Irony has its fate that the water didn’t cross over the shoulder of Vasudeva and Lord Krishna was shielded by the fens of the cobra.

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Lord Krishna under the rule of Raja Nanda was being loved and cared for by mother Yashoda. As per the prophecy, Kansa’s end was concluded by Lord Krishna. Today we celebrate Lord Krishna’s birth as the festival of Janmashtami as a result of defeating evil and thrift humanity.  

Janmashtami Celebration timing and Rituals (Janmashtami 2020)

This year Janmashtami will be celebrated on August 11, 2020. Janmashtami is celebrated for two consecutive days where day one is Krishnashthami and Gokulasthami and day two is Kalasthami and Janmashtami. 

This year Nishita Puja timing is from 12:21 AM to 1:06 AM on August 12 2020 and Dahi Handi will be on the same day. Asthami tithi will begin at 9:06 AM on August 11 and end at 11:16 AM on August 12. 

Various stalls are set up outside the temples with the variation of food, antiques, and puja materials. 

On the occasion of the birth of Krishna, before the midnight hour birth, devotees fast by the name of Lord Krishna. They sing devotional songs and sew a special dress for God. On the day of the festival, it is a belief followed by everyone to not eat non- veg. Devotees keep a vigil all night. A devotee dressed in traditional wear and jewelry is mainly known as Gopiyan of Krishna and he was always around them playing the flutes. 

Devotees keep fast on the occasion. They keep themselves either on Nirjala fast (don’t eat and drink the whole day) or on milk, fruits, and food made with rock salt only. During birth, people open up their fasts and share sweets and food. God Krishna is being dressed and given a bath. Everyone sings and cradles Kanha Ji in doolie.

Matki Tod competition is famous among the youth where a pot filled with creamed milk is hung at the top. A chain of people forms a stair together to reach the top and whoever is succeeded in breaking the pot wins.

Temples in Udaipur where you can celebrate Janmashtami 2020

Udaipur, the city of lakes is culturally rich and from ages has been triumphant to reserve the religious beliefs and customs or traditions followed. On the road to preserve the beauty of ancient history, Udaipur being a tourist destination leads to footfall in every festival India celebrates.

During Janmashtami 2020, one can witness the coverage of tourists, priests, and locals in the city of lakes. The entire is decorated like a bride. The food stalls and shopping market has no air to breathe because of fully packed visitors.

Apart from worshipping Lord Krishna, the celebration is no less like a victory as it was in the era of 3200 B.C. Devotees chant the prayers and music, perform dance and prepare dishes for offerings.

Here are a few recommended temples one must visit during the stay in Udaipur:

Jagdish Temple: 

Since 1651, the Jagdish temple is situated in the central point of Udaipur outside the Royal Palace. The original name of the temple was Jagannath Rai later named Jagdish Ji. It is one of the historical monuments to visit in Rajasthan.

Jagdish temple preserves the Lord Vishnu known as Lord Laxmi Narayan. God Krishna is the manifestation of Lord Vishnu, one can witness grand celebration in Jagdish Temple.

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Matki Fod competition is being held between groups and huge prize money is being distributed. The musician bands and dance groups are invited to perform and also honored a Guest of the day.

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Shrinath Ji Temple:

Hindu Temple dedicated to Shrinath Ji is also known as Uraj Temple and Shrinath Ji Ki Haveli. Shrinath Ji is a seven-year-old child from the formation of God Krishna.

During Janmashtami, Lord Krishna’s sculpture is worshipped. The dress is changed 8 times.

Shrinath ji nathdwara temple discover udaipue

Photography is prohibited. Right before the temple lies the market where one can satisfy their taste buds with Kachoris and sip a cup of masala tea.

To avoid the queue of vehicles outside the temple, parking is allotted 2 km away from the temple.

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